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Best Smart phone Gadgets under Rs.1000 in India

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In this digital life, we can say Smartphones and humans are inseparable. But what is even more inseparable are Smartphones and gadgets. Smartphone Gadgets are essential in the day-to-day life. As along the same line, we have collected a list awesome gadgets which are below Rs.1000 on So, let’s have a quick roundup of them.

1. BAGATELLE Low Price mobile tripod for Video Recording

BAGATELLE is the best low budget tripod for mobile and Digital Camera. It’s suitable for stable video recording, Time lapse and Easily portable tripod. This device can Hold mobiles and Digital Cameras Upto 3000 grams. BAGATELLE Low Price mobile tripod for Video Recording at

Key Features

  • The 360 Degree rotation gives you extra convenience as increase the range of shots.
  • The legs will stay secure, even when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  • This ultra-light tripod fits easily in your camera bag or backpack, so you can take it virtually anywhere.
  • The bottom rubber ring and foot grip makes your gear stand Still.
  • You’ll get the sturdy structure you need, for the images and videos you want.

2. Canvalls A1 bluetooth smart watch Best low cost smart watch under Rs.1000

This is the best low cost Bluetooth smart watch with apps like facebook and touch screen multilanguage Android & iPhone Supportable wrist watch phone with activity and fitness Tracking features. Best low cost smart watch under Rs.1000 Canvalls A1 bluetooth smart watch on

The technical details of the Canvalls A1 bluetooth smart watch

  • It have a 1.56 captive touch LCD display.
  • It have a 240 * 240 resolution.
  • It have a great inbuilt speaker and microphone of 8 amps and 0.7 watts.
  • It have a better display and a touch screen in our devices.
  • It have an inbuilt g-sensor

3. PubG trigger FUZION SET OF 2 PUBG Sensitive Shoot

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle Game. The Fuzion PUBG Sensitive Shoot triggers are very use full in playing the game as they are so sensitive and Accurate. Note : It can work on a phone with case and screen protector, but the thickness of 10mm max.

Key Features:

  • It clips on your phone and keep Stable, the clip design makes the controller not to move easily.
  • Lightweight and tiny for you to carry.
  • Play games anywhere and anytime.
  • Supports all Android/iPhone Devices.


4. IGADG Multi use gadget of Flashlight, Power Bank, Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

Multi-Function 3-in-1 IGADG Gadget is a Digital Weighing Scale with Power Bank for Smart-Phones and LED Torch. Surely it is a product you do not want to miss upon as it has 3 distinct features.

Key Features:

  • Digital weighing scale with ultra-tough lanyard to weigh luggage up to 50kg.
  • The 2600mAh power bank allows you to charge your Smartphones.
  • The Super Bright LED light adds functionality when in need.
  • Distinctive digital LCD display with Blue Blacklight.
  • Made of High grade plastic shell material.
  • With Additional functions of tare, auto-zero, auto-off, unit exchange, blue backlight display, data lock, lighting, rechargeable.
  • It is very useful & Must have for family, airport or travel use.

5. Well Mark USB Gadget Accessory Combo for MOBILE, LAPTOP, COMPUTER (multi color)

Smart portable and powerful pocket USB Fan which comforts you in a extreme heat conditions and to light up the darkness with our portable handy powerful light that also can be used for camping purposes. Buy super cheap USB Gadgets on

Key features of USB fan

  • Plug the mini fan to your phone and you get a cool air from this handy fan.
  • This USB fan has Light Weight with Sufficient Air flow to keep you cool.
  • Made of special TPU material, doesn’t hurt even if you insert your finger in the moving fan and use it as a portable fan as well.
  • This USB gadget runs with Micro USB power.

Key features of USB LED light

  • The LED Light Lamp can be taken anywhere as its very compact and weight around 9 gram.
  • Raw material of this USB LED light is Silicone.
  • At 1.2 W power-input, the LED Light Lamp lives on a meager energy intake and helps to cut down your bills.
  • Its low price and its available in different color variants.

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